Where it all began

Where it all began

I fell more in with our beautiful African print fabrics during the preparation stages of my wedding. 

There was such a variety to choose from, I was astonished but also very disappointed. I wondered why we couldn't access home decor and soft furnishing pieces in these prints.

That's when the desire was birthed. I couldn't stop thinking about the colors, the beauty and began to brainstorm silently, how I could bring all of that to life.

My husband deserves a standing ovation.... He noticed how my eyes lit up every time I spoke of this new dream of mine and when I told him I needed a sewing machine, he did not hesitate to buy it.

You could say, this brand was birthed from both passion and love.

- Pasyance

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  • Warren Duncan

    Just a proud brother seeing the quality of work & effort put into this wonderful website. Truly amazing to see the ideas you have, and the needs that you are solving. Wonderful stuff! Lots of love from the Duncan Family.

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