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Secure your hair with our oversized XXL Scrunchies made in beautiful contemporary and African - Print fabrics. Perfect for all hair types.


"I just want to commend you on the great work you are doing with the business. I loved how I got a notification on my items as my product progressed. The scrunchies are sooo beautiful and I love the packaging!


"OMG I haven't seen scrunchies like this, I love them, I wear it all the time, they are so comfortable, I'm going to buy more!"


"Thanks to you for the beautiful work you put into your packaging, the whole time I was like wow and the scrunchies are so beautiful like I'M SCREAMING! They are so beautiful."

Handmade with LOVE in New Zealand
About the fabrics

We use a wide range of quality fabrics, some from various parts of Africa, as well as locally sourced patterns and In-house designs by our team.

Each of which are carefully chosen, sourced or designed to ensure we are providing the best.

House of Pasyancé

Greet your guests with every-day warmth, by purchasing a piece from our African - print collection designed to add character and style to any room. 

Your purchase saves lives.


We are partnered with AusCongo Network (ACN) which is a dynamic grassroots community and enterprise development charity organisation. Their vision is to reduce poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo by renewing and restoring local economies; and to reduce poverty amongst Congolese communities in Australia by building skills and capacities. www.auscongo.org/donate/

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Mariam Machulu Foundation

We have also partnered with Mariam Machulu Foundation which is a not for profit, Non Governmental Organisation dedicated to restoring hope among widows, orphans and underprivileged in communities that have been affected by poverty abuse, violence, disease and other natural calamities in Zambia. To donate directly to the foundation please click the link below:

Go Fund Mariam Machula Foundation